Tax Implications of Running a Flower Business in Cape Coral, Florida

As an entrepreneur in Cape Coral, Florida, you may be aware that selling a tangible personal property item (“TPP”) to someone in the state is subject to sales tax. This can be a major concern for small businesses in the area, as they often struggle to compete with larger companies that offer higher salaries. It is important to understand the tax implications of running a flower business in Cape Coral. On orders placed by a Florida florist and sent by telegraph to another florist within the state, the sending florist is responsible for the tax.

The city of Cape Coral has seen growth in industries such as manufacturing, light industry, technology and corporate offices over the past 44 years. Cape Coral is home to many neighborhoods, including Lakeview, University Drive, City Center, Burnt Store Marina, Santa Barbara, Turtle Run and Hancock. Nick Libretto, owner of ABC Pest Control in Cape Coral, has noted that many major companies are taking this direction in the first place. According to the advice of its tax advisor, a company only needs to collect taxes on sales of flowers that are delivered to an address in Florida. If a Florida florist receives an order under which they give telegraphic instructions to a second florist located outside Florida for delivery of flowers outside Florida, taxes will be due on the total of receipts from the referring florist of the customer placing the order. We offer flower deliveries in and around Cape Coral for any occasion. It is important for entrepreneurs running a flower business in Cape Coral to understand their obligations under Florida tax laws.

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